Attention: Due to the new Department of Transportation (DOT) policy, emotional support animals are NO longer allowed to fly in airplane cabins for free. However, psychiatric service animals are eligible. Click here to learn if you qualify now.

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Your animal will be registered as an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) or Service Animal and placed in the US National Service Animal Registry Database.

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You will receive your ESA or Service Animal Registration Certificate and Photo ID by mail and in digital format (optional) to download for immediate use.

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Basic Information Emotional support animals help individuals with emotional disabilities such as anxiety or depression by providing comfort and support. Any animal can be an emotional support animal. Federal law does not require these animals to have any specific training and you do not have to be physically disabled to have an emotional support animal. The animal is allowed in all housing regardless of pet policy, with any pet deposit or pet rent being waived (the animal should have good social skills if taken in public places).
Partial List of Disabilities Covered • Anxiety
• Depression
• Bipolar/mood disorders
• Panic attacks
• Stress
• Personality disorders
• Fear/phobias
• Other emotional/psychological conditions
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Bipolar/mood disorders
• Panic attacks
• Stress
• Personality disorders
• Fear/phobias
• Other emotional/psychological conditions
Breed/Age/Sex of Animal Any is acceptable Any is acceptable
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Need a Doctor’s Letter for Housing?

In order to prove that an animal is an emotional support animal, you may be asked to provide documentation from a licensed professional (doctor, psychiatrist, or other mental health professional) stating that the animal is an essential part of treatment for a disability. A landlord or business may ask you to provide a doctor’s note or they could deny you and your emotional support animal.

Regardless of whether you are asked to show a doctor’s letter, it is very helpful to have one on file just in case.

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