Spend More Time Helping Clients & Less Time On Paperwork

Choose your own hours and start making extra income. We take care of all the billing and admin work so you don't have to!


Competitive Pay

Earn more than 2x the national average hourly rate for teletherapist - up to $100/hr!


No Overhead

Never worry about insurance claims, billing or admin work again. Our team handles this so you can do what you do best.


Flexible Hours

Set your own hours and work as much or as little as you want.


Fully Remote

Work from the comfort of your own home and save money (and the environment) by not driving to an office.

US Service Animals Vs Traditional In-Office Therapy

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How It Works


Receive a text message from our team that a client is in your Waiting Room.


Log into our MHP portal to call or video chat with the client.


Receive direct payment every 2 weeks.

About US Service Animals

Our mission is to educate and assist people with disabilities through the use of animals.

US Service Animals is the leading online resource for emotional support and service animals founded in 2015. Our team of board certified mental healthcare professionals have helped people with mental, physical, and emotional disabilities get their pets into their homes.

With 100+ mental healthcare professionals in our network, covering all 50 states, and a team of in-house legal experts ensuring compliance and supporting customers, we are without question, the most experienced and largest organization in the industry.


How You Can Help

Millions of people across the U.S. and around the world grapple with emotional issues that significantly affect their daily lives. Whether it's related to PTSD, depression, anxiety, OCD, phobias, or other conditions, the demand for emotional support animals as a treatment option is rising. These lovable, furry companions offer non-judgemental listening, comfort cuddles, and a boost in spirit when they're needed most.

However, amidst the rise in popularity, there's also a surge in ESA-letter scams. As a licenced mental health professional, your role is pivotal in ensuring that those who qualify go through the proper process and receive legitimate ESA letters.

Frequently Asked Questions

An emotional support animal is an animal that provides comfort just by being with a person. Because they have not been trained to perform a specific job or task, they do not qualify as service animals under the ADA, but they do mitigate the symptoms of a client’s mental health disability. The letter is a recommendation from a licensed mental health professional for the client for an ESA.
  • We are a referral company that refers clients to mental health professionals for diagnostic assessment consultations for ESAs. If the provider determines that a client qualifies for a diagnosis within the DSM-5 and meets criteria; they can provide the client with a letter of recommendation for an ESA.
  • If a provider determines that a client can benefit from additional services, they may absorb the client into their private practice.
Under the Fair Housing Act, housing providers are obligated to permit, as a reasonable accommodation, the use of animals that work, provide assistance, or perform tasks that benefit persons with disabilities, or provide emotional support to alleviate a symptom or effect of a disability.
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