Affiliate & Brand Ambassador Program

Why Join Our Affiliate Program?

It's free to join and once you're accepted, you can start earning commissions right away.
We want you to win so we'll give you the best perks in the industry
such as...


Competitive Commission Rate Earn up to 20% commission on all qualified purchases and valid leads. See why we have the highest commission rate in the industry.


Affiliate Coupon Code We'll give you a unique link or promotion code you can use to refer customers to our site for discounts on our products and services.


30-day Tracking Cookie With our advanced 30-day tracking software, anytime one of your followers returns to purchase from our site, we ensure you receive credit for the sale!


Premium Resources & Creatives You'll get access to a wide selection of tried and tested creative assets.


Free to Join Signing up takes only a few minutes and is completely FREE. Once approved, you'll receive a unique tracking code or promo code to use right away.


Unlimited Earnings There's no cap on the number of commissions you can earn! Refer as many people as you'd like; we won't hold you back.

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Who can join?

We've partnered with many different sites and companies like:

  •  Review sites, blogs, and news sites
  •  Health and wellness sites
  •  Premium media buyers
  •  Travel sites and blogs
  •  Paid media publishers
  • ... and many more!

How does it work?

Simply promote on your website, social media accounts, blog, email, etc. For every visitor who clicks through your affiliate link or uses your promotion code and purchases or submits a valid lead, you will receive a commission. Help others learn how great US Service Animals is. The more you do, the more money you will make.

Simply sign up to get started.



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