dog in idaho mountains

The Best Service Dog Training in Idaho

When it comes to the treatment and use of service dogs, citizens of Idaho must follow the laws laid out by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which is a federal policy and thus supersedes state laws. However, the state of Idaho follows the ADA’s laws to a T rather than having separate laws of […]

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service dog sitting wearingvest

How to Spot a Fake Service Dog

A properly trained service dog is a major help to individuals with disabilities, either visible or invisible, and can often be a source of comfort for their owners. However, fake service dogs (which means those who claim their animals are service dogs when they aren’t properly trained for these tasks) can be incredibly problematic and […]

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black cat playing

The 5 Best Cat Toys for Christmas

Ask any cat owner and they’ll tell you that their cat is part of the family. Unfortunately, when it comes to Christmas shopping, many people forget to shop for their furry little friend. The good news is that getting your cat a gift for Christmas is fun, easy, and even inexpensive! We’ll cover the best […]

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Siberian husky standing in grass beside a foot trail

Can a Husky Be a Service Dog?

When it comes to getting a dog, many people have breeds they’ve always dreamed of owning. However, if you require a service dog, not all breeds will be up to the task. So today, we’ll look at the gorgeous Siberian husky. This breed’s piercing eyes and majestic wolf-like appearance have captivated many. But can this […]

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dog on beach

How to Get an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Letter in Los Angeles

Emotional support animals provide emotional and mental support to those who suffer from an illness or mental disorder. The animal can provide comfort and help alleviate the symptoms of depression, anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD, and other mental illnesses. Emotional Support Animals are not service animals and are not required to be trained in any particular […]

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Young woman cuddling cat close

Emotional Support Cat Breeds

Emotional support animals are becoming increasingly popular today as more and more people take note of the comforting and supportive benefits that animals can provide to humans. One of the most popular choices for an emotional support animal, besides dogs, is the cat. Despite their somewhat prickly reputation, most cats are highly affectionate to their […]

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