Yellow Labrador in a blue vest laying down outside

The 10 Best Service Dog Breeds for PTSD and Anxiety

Anxiety and PTSD are two of the most common mental health disorders that people struggle with daily. For some, their symptoms are manageable, but for others, coping with all the negative and scary emotions may feel like an uphill battle they are losing. While there are a variety of treatments available for these disorders, one […]

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Brunette woman presses her forehead against a dog’s forehead

Can Dogs Sense Depression and Anxiety?

If you’ve ever owned a dog, you’ve probably noticed their uncanny ability to comfort you when you’re feeling down or even ill. Many dogs will approach their owners and give them kisses or curl up next to them. These behaviors certainly suggest that our dogs know what we are feeling. However, has any of this […]

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woman hugging kissing cat

Understanding Complex PTSD

By Stephanie White, PsyD, PhD, LCSW, DCSW, BCD I have treated and diagnosed many clients with this PTSD and complex PTSD. As a result, I often get asked what this condition may present as and how to understand such symptoms. It is imperative to understand that this condition, which is really a stress syndrome, pervades […]

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Small dog in travel bag

Allegiant Airlines Pet Policy: What You Need To Know

Flying with your pet can be stressful, and you are likely wondering which airlines you can safely travel on with your pet. Our article gives you a rundown of Allegiant Airlines’ pet policy so you can read up about traveling with your pet on flights booked with Allegiant and prepare for your flight with your […]

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Young woman with a cat on her lap

How Many ESAs Can You Have?

Emotional support animals, commonly known as ESAs, can be incredibly helpful to individuals with certain conditions or disabilities. The process of obtaining or registering an ESA is fairly simple, but it may leave many people wondering – how many ESAs can I have? Our article will answer this question and help you understand more about […]

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Service dog helping a person in a wheelchair

Why Can’t You Pet Service Dogs?

It can be difficult not to show affection to service dogs when you see them out in public, as most of these dogs are adorable, well-trained, and dedicated to the help of their handler. However, attempting to pet a service dog or otherwise distracting them from their job can have negative consequences and result in […]

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Woman touches foreheads with golden retriever

The Five Best Pets for Easing Anxiety

Anxiety can be debilitating, holding you back from activities, careers, friendships, or other opportunities. Traditional methods of managing anxiety typically include therapy and medication. While these are great options that can help a lot, they may not be easily accessible to everyone. Believe it or not, owning a pet can help people cope with and […]

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chocolate lab wearing blue vest lies on the floor

Service Dog for Depression: What You Need to Know

Whether an individual has a physical, mental, or medical disability, service dogs are able to provide symptom relief and assistance through their strict training regimes that target certain needs. In fact, the tasks that service dogs can complete for individuals may make it easier for the person to maintain a high quality of life and […]

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adult man holding small kitten

Can Cats Sense Depression and Anxiety?

If you own a cat, you have most likely experienced a moment where it seems like you and your pet are in perfect sync – your cat does exactly what you need them to do in a moment to comfort you, and relieve your stress or negative emotions. However, you may be wondering whether this […]

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white rabbit standing pink background

The 7 Best Small Pets for Coping With Depression

Numerous studies have shown how dogs and cats can positively affect someone’s mental health. However, dogs and cats are not the best pets for everyone. Dogs, especially, are a big responsibility. They need a lot of training and exercise and can be quite expensive to care for. Luckily, dogs and cats aren’t the only pets […]

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