man petting happy service dog outside

Psychiatric Service Dog California

Service dogs are essential animal companions for many, and psychiatric service dogs are a subset of these important helpers. If you have a psychiatric service dog in California, or you are looking to adopt one in this state, you may be wondering about the basics of this dog and what your rights are. Fortunately, our […]

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woman sitting with a shih tzu

Can Shih Tzus Be Service Dogs

When it comes to helping people with impairments, service dogs are indispensable. These animals have undergone extensive training to provide both physical and mental assistance, empowering their humans to live more independently. While some dog breeds are more typically linked with service work, there is a rising interest in discovering whether breeds like Shih Tzus […]

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service dog vest on dog

Can You Legally Ask For Proof of a Service Dog?

Service dogs are well protected by both federal and state laws due to their important work of assisting individuals with disabilities. When navigating your daily life with a service dog, it’s important to understand what your rights are and what people can ask of you when it comes to your service dog and their role. […]

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man with his service dog

Psychiatric Service Dog Training

Psychiatric service dogs are invaluable in supporting individuals facing mental health challenges. These amazing dogs are more than just furry friends; they are specially trained to assist people with psychiatric conditions like depression, anxiety, and PTSD. However, proper training is essential for these special dogs to assist those in need effectively. This article explores the […]

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seeing eye dog helping a woman in a park outdoors

Public Access Test for Service Dogs

The public access test (PAT) for service dogs is an essential part of training that many service dog organizations and individuals working with service dogs choose to utilize as part of a final evaluation of the pup’s skills. If you are considering adopting a service dog or you are interested in training these helpful canines, […]

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border collie running on grass

Border Collie Service Dog

Border collies are one of the most popular breeds of dogs today, known for their energetic spirit and hard-working nature. Because of their high intelligence and need for mental stimulation, this breed is often a top choice for working as a service dog, where they can support their owners and perform daily tasks. Our article […]

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dog and man outside in south dakota

The Best Service Dog Training in South Dakota

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a federal law that regulates service animals and protects them and their users from discrimination. The Fair Housing Act (FHA) is a federal law that works in tandem with the ADA to ensure that service dogs are able to live anywhere with their users, even places that don’t […]

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dog by mississippi river

The Best Service Dog Training in Mississippi

Mississippi, like all states, must follow the federal-wide Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) which protects public access for service animals. The ADA states that service animals must be able to always accompany their handler for free in public spaces, so long as the service animal isn’t a public safety risk (being aggressive or destructive). Having […]

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dog in north dakota river

The Best Service Dog Training in North Dakota

If you think you could benefit from a service dog but can’t afford one, then training your own can be a good alternative. Training your own dog is often less expensive, allows you to create a stronger bond with your service dog, and may be faster than getting a dog from an organization with a […]

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