How to Convince Your Landlord to Allow a Dog Into Your Home

For time immemorial, dogs have been our furry companions. In most countries around the world, dogs are as much a part of the family as our siblings, parents, and children. But while we would love to bring them with us wherever we go, there are laws abide that dictate whether we can cohabitate with our […]

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golden retriever working as guide

Golden Retrievers as Service Dogs

Service dogs can be an incredibly important part of an individual’s life, whether they are there for emotional support or to assist in performing daily tasks. Because of this, it is important that the dog breeds chosen to be trained as service dogs have the correct disposition. They must further have the ability to be […]

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black lab service dog

The Cost of a Trained Service Dog

If you are interested in purchasing or training a service dog, either to help yourself or someone else in your family, it can be hard to find out the specific cost information you need to know. While the image of a friendly Labrador may be the one that comes to mind when you think of […]

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pit bull service dog

Pit Bull Service Dogs

With so many dog breeds out there, it’s hard to determine which dogs make the best service animals. So, can a pit bull be a service animal? Well, the short answer is yes. The name “pit bull” is a bit misleading. This is because pit bull is a blanket term for four different dog breeds […]

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german shepherd rescue dog in service harness

German Shepherd Service Dogs

German shepherds are typically known for their skills in police, military, and guide dog work. While German shepherds perform well in those areas, they make great service dogs too. German shepherds are easy to train, fun to play with, and their temperament is typically mellow – even around people and other dogs. If you’re curious […]

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dog owner apartment

Best Pet-Friendly Apartments in Denver

The Mile High City, Denver is famous for offering residents a modern urban lifestyle set in endless natural beauty. With its world-class cultural attractions, fine dining, music scene and proximity to the Rocky Mountains, the city is a gem to live and raise a family in. If a pet is part of your family, it’s […]

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Pet Friendly Hotels in San Antonio

San Antonio, a bustling city in south-central Texas, is one of the most amazing destinations in the United States. The city has a rich colonial heritage, a beautiful history, and fascinating places to visit. It is a wildly popular tourist destination, too. San Antonio also boasts a wide selection of hotels to meet the ever-increasing […]

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Pet Friendly Hotels In New Orleans

New Orleans in Louisiana is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. The city straddles the mighty Mississippi River and other waterways that once offered important trade routes for the region. It has an abundance of captivating tourist spots and recreation activities, as well as chains of high-end and budget-friendly hotels. Many […]

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Pet Friendly Hotels In Florence SC

The city of Florence, South Carolina, is approximately 35 miles from the North Carolina border and 80 miles east of Columbia. It is best known for being the intersection of Interstate 20 and Interstate 95, so Florence has a lot to offer both business and leisure travelers. Visitors can enjoy racing at the Florence Motor […]

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