Which Universal Resorts Are Pet Friendly?

Universal resorts are a popular destination for many, and individuals from all walks of life and all ages love to explore the Universal theme parks with the comfort of a nearby resort room to return to.

If you’re considering bringing your beloved pet on vacation with you, you might be wondering which Universal resorts are pet friendly so that your cat or dog can stay alongside you. Our article gives you details on the Universal resorts, which ones you can expect to be welcoming to your pet, and other details about taking your pets on vacation with you.

What Are the Universal Resorts?

The Universal Resorts are a set of resorts outside of the Universal Orlando theme parks that provide accommodations to theme park visitors.

These resorts typically include restaurants, cafés, and fun outdoor areas like expansive pools, and staying at one of the on-site Universal resorts often provides visitors with exclusive benefits like early theme park access, package deals, and discounts.

Many individuals choose to stay at the Universal Resorts to be closer to the theme park, take advantage of special offers or benefits, and ensure they won’t have to drive to the theme park each day. This ease of access also makes it easier to return to your hotel room throughout the day to rest up between having fun in the theme parks.

Can I Bring My Pet With Me to Universal Orlando?

There are several resorts around the Universal Orlando theme park, and you can bring your pet with you to some of them. It’s important to take note of any pet policies that are in place around the park and in hotels or resorts, as each resort may have a different process for informing staff that your pet will be accompanying you.

Typically, you can expect to notate that your pet will be traveling with you when you book a room, and the resort will provide additional information about the steps to complete to ensure your check-in goes smoothly. If you have questions about ensuring your pet can travel with you to a specific hotel, reach out to Universal staff directly.

It’s important to note that your pet cannot accompany you into theme parks – they are only allowed in pet friendly hotel rooms or pet friendly spaces around the resort. The exception to this rule is if you are traveling with a service dog.

Pet Friendly Universal Resorts

The following Universal Resorts are known to be pet friendly. Make sure you check specific check-in rules and requirements for bringing your pet along with you before you make your reservation. Pet policies and instructions should be listed on the property’s website, or you can contact the resort’s staff directly with your questions.

Also, note that the following Universal hotels have pet friendly policies in addition to the Universal resorts below – Loews Portofino Bay Hotel and Hard Rock Hotel.

Loews Royal Pacific Resort

The Loews Royal Pacific Resort is an island-themed resort that features an outdoor pool, a bar and lounge, and three restaurants. Not only is this resort pet friendly, but it provides access to the Universal Orlando theme parks and is near Harry Potter World and Universal Studios.

The pet policy at the Loews Royal Pacific Resort is as follows:

  • Both dogs up to 75 pounds and cats are allowed in your hotel room
  • The pet friendly rooms are designated as ‘standard’ rooms
  • You can only bring two pets into one room
  • You will need to provide the resort with your pet’s up-to-date health details and vaccination records
  • You must supervise your pet and leash them in all public areas of the resort or while walking around the resort’s property in pet friendly areas
  • You must clean up after your pet

As you book your room at this resort, select the pet friendly option. This lets the resort know you are traveling with a pet and will provide details on the information the resort needs from you about your pet.

Once you check into the hotel, you will receive special pet-welcoming supplies such as a water bowl, pet placemats, special bedding, and leashes, collars, or litter boxes and scoopers as needed. Staff will also give you a ‘pet-in-room’ sign to ensure staff knows your pet is present in addition to a room service menu for pets and a map of pet friendly areas with details of local pet services.

You can speak to staff about recommendations for pet friendly areas around the resort, details on relief and waste disposal areas, and any fees your pet’s stay might incur. The resort will charge a one-time pet fee, and they may charge you a small fee for leaving your pet completely alone in your room (your pet must be supervised at all times).

Housekeeping must be scheduled when your pet is not present in the room.

Loews Sapphire Falls Resort

A tropical-themed resort, the Loews Sapphire Falls Resort has a pool with waterfalls in addition to four themed restaurants and bars on the property. Pet friendly accommodation is also available here, and we give you details on this resort’s pet policy below.

  • Pet friendly rooms are considered ‘standard rooms’
  • Dogs up to 75 pounds and cats are allowed at this resort
  • You can only have two pets per room
  • You must provide the resort with details on your pet’s health and current vaccination information
  • You must clean up after your pet and dispose of waste in the designated areas
  • You will need to supervise your pet anywhere on the property and ensure they are leashed or restrained at all times on the property
  • You can only take your pet into your room or in designated pet friendly areas around the resort

The Loews Sapphire Falls Resort does charge a one-time pet fee, and you must select a pet friendly room upon booking your reservation.

Upon check-in, pet welcoming supplies will be provided as part of the Loews Loves Pets program. These supplies include leashes, litter boxes and scoops, collars, special bedding, and pet placemats in addition to room service menus for pets and ‘pet-in-room’ signs to inform staff of your pet’s presence.

Staff will provide you with maps of dog-friendly areas and pet relief areas plus information about local pet services and recommendations for pet friendly areas around Universal. Housekeeping must be scheduled when your pet is out of the room.

Can I Take My Service Dog to a Universal Resort?

Traveling with a service dog is protected by federal legislation, and you have the right to take your service dog to any Universal resort, regardless of whether or not pet policies are in place. You will not be required to pay any extra fees or pet deposits for your service dog, and you can bring them into the park with you if needed.

Keep in mind that while you won’t be required to provide registration or certificates for your service dog, your staff can ask what tasks your dog has been trained to perform and require that you give details about your dog upon check-in such as their breed, name, size, and vaccination records.

Can I Take My Emotional Support Animal to a Universal Resort?

You can take your emotional support animal to a Universal Resort, as long as that resort is one with a pet friendly policy.

Emotional support animals are not covered under the same federal legislation as service animals, so you will need to inform the resort staff of your emotional support animal and treat them like a pet, including adhering to all pet policies, paying pet fees, and only taking your emotional support animal into pet friendly areas.

You cannot take your emotional support animal into a Universal theme park, only service dogs are allowed to accompany their owners inside the parks.

What Should I Bring When Traveling With My Pet?

When traveling with your pet, it’s essential to bring some of your animal’s favorite items, especially if this is their first time going on vacation with you and you aren’t too sure how stressed they will be.

Make sure your pet is comfortable, monitor their behavior, and always ensure they have enough food, water, treats, and toys to remain happy while on vacation with you.

If you are worried about traveling with your pet, don’t hesitate to reach out to a veterinarian to evaluate their suitability for travel or for advice on making your pet as comfortable and stress-free as possible during your vacation.

FAQs About Traveling With Your Pet to Universal

Traveling with your pet to Universal can be stressful, especially if this is a first-time experience for both you and your pet. We give you important answers to frequently asked questions about traveling with your pet to help put your worries to rest.

Will I Need to Pay Fees to Stay With My Pet?

When bringing your pet along with you to a Universal resort, you will most likely need to pay a one-time pet fee and other various fees for leaving your pet alone in the room or for boarding your pet if you choose to use an on-site kennel. You might also need to pay for local pet services such as dog walking or dog sitting while you are enjoying the theme parks.

The only exception for paying fees at Universal is if you are traveling with a valid service dog – you can stay in any Universal resort or hotel with your service dog without having to pay fees, and you can take your service dog into the park with you so they can provide you with assistance throughout your day.

Can I Bring My Pet Into the Universal Parks?

Only service dogs are allowed to accompany their owners into the Universal theme parks. This is due to safety reasons and to ensure that all individuals, and their pets, have a wonderful time while on vacation.

If you have concerns about your dog or cat while you enjoy the Universal theme parks, speak to a staff member for recommendations on local pet sitting services or kennels.

Are There Pet Friendly Hotels Nearby?

Outside of the Universal Resorts, you may be able to find pet friendly hotels. This process takes some research, and you will need to confirm with the property before booking that your pet is allowed in your room. You may also need to verify any fees or rules about bringing your pet with you on a property outside of Universal.

Is There a Kennel at Universal?

Universal Resorts does provide access to a kennel on-site for dogs that need a place to stay during the day. You will need to contact resort staff for details about the kennel including daily fees, and the kennel typically accepts dogs on a first-come, first-served basis.

Make sure that you have your dog’s health and vaccination information on hand to provide to the kennel as you check in your dog for the day.

Can I Bring My Cat to a Universal Resort?

At Universal Resorts with pet friendly policies, you are allowed to bring your cat with you. This is good news if you have a cat that is down for an adventure and easily warms up to new places. Make sure that you check with your chosen resort’s policies for supervision and fees regarding leaving your cat in your hotel room while you are out and about.

How Do I Take Advantage of the Loews Loves Pets Program?

The Loews Loves Pets program applies to the two Universal Orlando resorts that accept pets and have pet friendly policies in place.

Take advantage of this program by making sure you book a pet friendly room while making your reservation and adhering to all pet policies in your chosen resort – hotel staff will work with you to provide you and your pet with special amenities and make sure your resort experience is enjoyable for both you and your beloved pet.

Bringing Your Pet on a Stress-Free Vacation

Bringing your pet along on vacation with you might seem like a stressful process at first, but it doesn’t need to be. With a little extra research, you can find pet friendly rooms even at Universal’s luxurious resorts, and you can take advantage of special pet friendly amenities.

Make sure when making your reservation that you select the appropriate options to book a pet friendly room and inform staff of your pet’s presence so both you and your pet can have a relaxing vacation.