Service Dog for Asthma | How They Can Help & How You Can Qualify

Service Dog for Asthma

Sometimes individuals get the shorter end of the stick and get stuck with certain diseases or conditions that can be difficult to manage. Asthma is a manageable disease, but severe cases can cause some serious complications. You may wonder how can a service dog help someone with a respiratory condition, but it is possible in more ways than one.


A service animal for someone with asthma would be considered a medical alert dog. These animals are used for individuals who typically have an “invisible” disability. You can’t see the disability because it is within the individual rather than outwardly noticeable. Medical alert dogs notice physiological changes. A trained service dog for someone with asthma would be able to detect when an asthma attack was about to occur.

How Service Animals Can Help

These animals can be trained to not only detect the onset of the attack but also help once it begins. Medical alert dogs can help an individual find their inhaler, seek help, or simply provide comfort. Asthma attacks are scary because you basically feel like you can’t breathe. Imagine being alone and feeling like you were gasping for air. A service dog can not only help you through that panic but also give you the reassurance that you never have to go through it alone.

Asthma attacks can occur because of a variety of reasons, but one of those is linked to environmental factors. Pollen and dust are popular triggers of asthma attacks. A service dog would be able to identify these triggers in the air well before a human. They can identify these items and inform the owner that the area being traveled is not safe.

A service dog for an individual with asthma would be specially trained to help the owner tackle their disease in a way that would greatly benefit the owner. Many people have asthma, but each case is different. It may not be the asthma attack that is the most worrisome, but rather remembering medication. Service animals can even help the owner keep track of their medicine or inhalers and remind him or her that it needs to be administered.

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How To Qualify For A Service Dog If You Have Asthma

Just because you have asthma does not mean you immediately qualify for a service animal. These animals require extensive training and funding for them to satisfactorily complete the service training program. Their skills are designated to those who are in the most need and will benefit the most from their companionship. A mild case of asthma is not a reason to get a service dog, you could obtain an emotional support animal though! Service dogs should be designated for individuals with severe asthma who think a service animal would greatly improve their quality of life.

Service dogs can be viewed as elite medical professionals in the animal world. Having one as your companion could be the difference between 1 asthma attack a year or 20. Those who struggle immensely with their disease should consider the addition of a service animal into the family. It is amazing just how much independence and security can arise from having a well-trained 4-legged friend.