Emotional Support Animal Registration - Deluxe Package

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Quick Overview:

  • ESA letter from a licensed Mental Health Professional
  • Custom Animal ID
  • Certificate of Registration
  • Included in our ESA Database for lifetime of animal
  • Free access to legal services
  • Animal allowed in "no pet policy" housing
  • ESA collar tag
  • ESA collar
  • ESA vest
  • ESA leash
  • Digital ID card
  • Digital registration certificate

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Service Animal vs. Emotional Support Animal

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Emotional Support Animal Registration - Deluxe Package:

Our most robust package offers you and your animal the most official and visual protection on the market. Between the registration, vest, collar, leash, and tag, your animal will visually represent itself as a working support animal and you will have the documentation to back it up. That is frequently enough to dissuade anyone from questioning you. However, if they do, the ESA Letter written by a licensed mental health care professional (pending approval) protects you under federal law to live with your animal, and our legal support team will advocate for you as well. This package is the best bet to have all your rights respected!