US Service Animals - Service Dog for Panic Attacks | How They Can Help & How To Qualify


Service Dog for Panic Attacks

Obtaining a service dog can be a daunting process, but it is often very rewarding. Many people believe that since they have a disorder or medical issue that isn’t consuming their life or completely visible that they can’t benefit from a service animal. This is not the case. Service animals are permitted and considered on a case by case basis. Because these animals tend to have a hefty price tag, only those individuals who are in dire need tend to seek them out. If you believe that a service animal could help improve your quality of life, then it is more than worth your consideration.

Those who suffer from panic attacks could greatly benefit from a psychiatric service animal. These animals are trained to pick up on cues to intervene and help alleviate high stress situations with their owner. Often times those who have panic attacks have extreme anxiety.

How A Service Dog Can Help

  • bringing medication, or water to help swallow medication, during an anxiety attack
  • bringing a phone over during an anxiety attack, which you can use to call your therapist or other support system
  • leading someone to you if you’re in crisis
  • providing tactile stimulation, such as licking your face, to help disrupt an emotional overload
  • providing pressure against your chest or abdomen to create a calming effect during moments of distress

 How To Qualify

  • having a physical disability or debilitating illness or disorder
  • being able to participate in the dog’s training process
  • being able to independently command and care for a service dog
  • having a stable home environment

In most cases to qualify for a service animal you will need to have a recommendation from your medical doctor or another licensed professional.

Service Dogs vs Other Forms of Care

Some of the reasons that those who suffer from frequent panic attacks benefit from service dogs is because the dogs can help provide company even when you aren’t wanting it. Some major perks of choosing a furry companion over a human one includes:

  • Dogs will always cuddle
  • Your dog will serve as a great distraction
  • Dogs will listen to you and not try and fix you
  • Your daily activities with you dog will help clear your mind (example: going on walks)

All of the above probably sounds pretty great, and it is! The important thing to remember is that service dogs aren’t as easy to acquire as other dogs and they don’t cost remotely the same. The average price of a psychiatric service dog ranges from 20-30k. Talk about an investment. If you think one of these animals could greatly benefit your life, then the investment would be worth it. Don’t consider one of these animals if you have suffered from a handful of panic attacks in your life. These animals go through intense and thorough training to ensure that they are equipped with the skills to help those who truly depend on it.