US Service Animals – Service Dog for Multiple Sclerosis | How They Can Help

Service Dog for Multiple Sclerosis

How Service Dogs Can Help

One major symptom of multiple sclerosis is fatigue. When someone is suffering from severe fatigue, they can often fall, make mistake and feel light headed. This can lead to people having difficulty when moving due to numbness in their lessor feeling unbalanced. Fatigue caused by multiple sclerosis also makes people feel unbalanced and causes difficulty when moving. A service dog can come in very handy as it provides help in balance for people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and often better support than canes or walking aids.

Everyday Activities

Service dogs can help with most everyday activities. They are allowed to go anywhere the user needs to be, including toilets, shops, and public transport. They can help people with long-term health conditions get out of the house and do simple tasks like walking to the shop. If someone is struggling to get out of bed, a service dog can help.

Dogs are very intelligent animals and when they are trained properly they can assist in a wide range of activities to help support and care for people with multiple sclerosis. They can sense when something is not right which works well for extra security and protection. If someone lives alone, having a dog provides a sense of comfort knowing they will bark when someone is near the house or knocking at the door. They can also sense when something is wrong including pain and tiredness. When they sense this in, they can encourage the person to rest by nudging them and going towards the sofa or bed.

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Picking Things Up Around The House

A well-trained service dog can also pick things up with their mouth for their owner. If their owner drops something by accident or needs their medication, the service dog can pick this up in their mouth and give it to their owner. Dogs can also use their nose or paws to open and close doors as well as pressing buttons for lights or doors. These little actions are essential for people around their house but often difficult to do when they are in pain.

Wheelchair Support

If someone is suffering from serious multiple sclerosis and their symptoms mean they have to be in a wheelchair for a lot of the time, a service dog can help with this. Service dogs can be trained to pull wheelchairs and help when they need to go up ramps and onto sidewalks. They are also great to support their owner in and out of the wheelchair. 

Service dogs provide some, care and companionship to their owner. There is a wide range of benefits for someone who is suffering from bad symptoms of multiple sclerosis. If you know someone who has multiple sclerosis and would benefit from getting a service dog, it is highly recommended. They also help relieve the stress from the friend and family of the person with multiple sclerosis as the service dog will help them get through the day without as much help from others.

Service Dogs

Service Dogs

Service dogs are trained to help provide support and care to users who need additional help around the house or when going outside. They are specially trained to support people with disabilities from physical to mental such as diabetes, autism, and multiple sclerosis. They perform specific tasks and are classed as working dogs rather than pets and should not be petted. Most people are familiar with guide dogs, they help guide people who have visual impairments or who are completely blind so that they can still have some mobility. Although most service dogs are used for visual and hearing impairments, they are becoming a lot more popular to help with other conditions.

Service dogs become a companion for someone which is particularly important for anyone who lives alone. They can help improve someone’s mood and over wellbeing as well as giving emotional and physical support.

Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis is a condition that affects the brain and spinal cord. It causes a number of symptoms such as vision problems, fatigue, reduced arm and leg mobility, and balance problems. Although multiple sclerosis can be mild, it can also be very disabling which is why service dogs have become very helpful. There are no current cures for multiple sclerosis, however, there are plenty of ways to treat the condition and help relieve the symptoms which include having the support of a service dog.