Bring Your Pup Shopping: 32 Dog-Friendly Stores

Many people have long been under the impression that they aren’t allowed to bring their dogs shopping with them unless they’re going to the pet store. However, there are a number of dog-friendly companies that welcome pets in most or all of their stores.

Aside from those, other companies do not have strict no-pets policies and instead leave the decision of whether or not to allow pets up to each individual store location. Therefore, there may be some pet-friendly stores near you that you didn’t even know about.

Today, we’re going to be sharing over 30 pet-friendly stores and their policies. So next time you run errands, you might not have to leave Fido in the car!

Should You Take Your Dog Shopping With You?

When you read our list, you will see that there are a surprising number of stores that allow dogs inside. However, many of them only welcome dogs that are friendly and well-behaved. Just because you can bring your dog to these stores doesn’t always mean you should.

If your dog has behavioral issues that could cause a disruption in the store, you’re better off leaving them at home. After all, stores don’t have to allow dogs, and bringing an unruly, noisy, or aggressive dog could make stores rethink their policies and ruin things for everyone.

Similarly, your dog should be potty-trained. If a potty accident does happen, you should ask a staff member for materials to clean up the mess. Don’t let your embarrassment get the better of you; too many episodes of dog messes being left for staff to clean could lead to the store changing its policies.

32 Stores That Allow Dogs

Without any further ado, here is a list of dog-friendly stores.

1. Ace Hardware: Most Stores Allow Dogs

Though Ace Hardware’s pet policy isn’t posted on its website, most Ace Hardware stores do allow dogs. However, because each Ace Hardware is individually owned, some locations may deny entry to pets. For this reason, it is good to call ahead. The Ace stores that do allow dogs may have some rules. Usually, dogs must be vaccinated and kept on a leash while in the store.

2. Apple: Some Stores Allow Dogs

Because Apple is selling tech, they don’t have to worry about any laws or regulations regarding food hygiene, which is one of the biggest reasons some stores don’t allow pets. However, this doesn’t mean that all Apple stores allow pets.

Some are happy to receive well-behaved, leashed pooches. Other Apple locations would prefer you leave your dog at home. Be sure to check with your local Apple store before attempting to bring your dog inside.

3. Barnes & Noble: Some Stores Allow Dogs

According to Barnes & Noble’s website, each store has to follow local health codes set by their state, county, or town. As such, policies can vary from store to store. We have found that some Barnes & Noble locations are dog-friendly, whereas others do not permit dogs in their stores. Be sure to check with your local Barnes & Noble before bringing your pup along.

4. Bass Pro Shops: Most Stores Allow Dogs

Bass Pro Shops is a dog-friendly store, with most locations welcoming dogs inside with open arms. Some locations even have indoor and outdoor kennels where you can leave your dog while you shop.

This is a nice touch for people who want to make a stop at Bass Pro Shops but have dogs who are nervous or unfriendly, and it’s too hot to leave them in the car. The only reason Bass Pro Shops doesn’t allow dogs at all locations is because, in some areas, there are laws that prohibit pets in the store.

5. Bed Bath & Beyond: Most Stores Allow Dogs

Bed Bath & Beyond is well-known for being a pet-friendly store. As such, the chances are high that you’ll be able to bring your pooch into the store with you. In fact, some stores in NYC even had carts outfitted to comfortably carry customers’ furbabies.

While it is likely that your dog will be allowed in the store, individual stores can turn you and your dog away. Furthermore, some Bed Bath & Beyond locations sell food and may not be able to let dogs in due to local laws.

On June 30th, 2023, Bed Bath & Beyond will close all of its locations indefinitely, but their policy stands until then.
dachshund pushing a miniature shopping cart

6. Best Buy: Some Stores Allow Pets

Best Buy does not have a pet policy that extends to all of its stores. As such, policies can vary from store to store. Some Best Buys will allow pet dogs inside as long as they are kept on a leash, potty-trained, and well-behaved.

7. Cabela’s: Most Stores Allow Dogs

Cabela’s policy is similar to Bass Pro Shops. Almost all locations allow dogs to accompany their owners. However, some locations may prohibit pets due to local laws.

8. CVS: Some Stores Allow Dogs

If you’re wondering whether or not you can bring your dog into CVS, the answer is maybe. CVS has no overarching policy regarding pets, which means each store may have different policies. As such, there will be some CVS locations that are dog friendly and some that are not. You’ll have to contact your local CVS to see whether or not you can bring your dog inside.

9: Everlane: Allows Dogs in All Locations

We spoke with Everlane customer service and confirmed that Everlane stores allow dogs at all of their locations! However, dogs must be on a leash, friendly and well-behaved. Otherwise, staff may have to ask you to leave your dog in the car (which may not be possible depending on the weather).

10. GAP: Some Stores Allow Dogs

Like many of the stores on our list, it is not uncommon for GAP stores to be attached to malls or strip malls. Therefore, some GAP stores will not allow dogs because they have to follow the rules of the buildings they are in.

However, other GAP stores may be in pet-friendly malls or have entrances that don’t require customers to enter the mall. So, some GAP stores are dog-friendly, but others aren’t. Check with your local GAP store to see if it’s okay to bring your pooch along for a shopping trip.

11. Half Price Books: Most Stores Allow Dogs

If you enjoy books, then you’ll be happy to hear that Half Price Books is pet friendly. A customer service representative told us that the majority of their locations allow dogs, but they still recommended that you call your local HPB just to be certain.

12. Hobby Lobby: Some Stores Allow Dogs

Hobby Lobby does not have an official company-wide pet policy listed, but many stores are pet friendly. It is up to each individual location to determine if dogs are allowed there or not, so you’ll want to call ahead before bringing your pup into a Hobby Lobby.

13. Home Depot: Some Stores Allow Dogs

Home Depot is another store on our list that doesn’t have a pet policy outlined on its website. After some digging, we have found out that some Home Depot locations do allow dogs. Because not all locations are dog friendly, you’ll want to call ahead before bringing a dog into the store.

14. JOANN Fabrics: Some Stores Allow Dogs

On their website, JOANN states that their stores are pet friendly, but they do have some rules. They expect dogs to be well-mannered and on a leash at all times. You will also be required to clean up any messes your dog makes and be considerate of other customers. You may be asked to step outside if another customer is allergic to dogs.

Although JOANN’s website lists them as a pet-friendly retailer, not all JOANN stores are pet friendly. To find a dog-friendly JOANN location, you can use their store locator and look for the pet icon.

15. L.L. Bean: Most Stores Allow Dogs

Most L.L. Bean stores are pet-friendly and allow dogs inside as long as they are kept on a leash. However, the flagship L.L. Bean store in Freeport, Maine, does not allow dogs inside because they have a cafe.

16. Lowe’s: Most Stores Allow Dogs

Lowe’s doesn’t have their pet policy online, but most locations do allow dogs in their stores as long as they are well-behaved and kept on a leash.

17. LUSH: Some Stores Allow Dogs

Because the LUSH UK Facebook page posted that they are dog-friendly, many people think that dogs are allowed in all LUSH stores, including those in the USA. However, that is unfortunately not the case.

While many LUSH stores will welcome your dog, pet policies can vary by store. A LUSH customer service rep told us whether or not dogs are allowed depends on the shop’s location as well as restrictions in that area.

Since some shops are inside malls, dogs would not be allowed inside if the mall is not pet-friendly. Similarly, if there are any states or counties that have laws against dogs inside certain types of buildings, dogs may not be allowed in LUSH stores. Therefore, it’s best to call ahead to see if your local LUSH is pet-friendly.

18. Macy’s: Some Stores Allow Dogs

Macy’s does not have an overarching pet policy for all of their stores. As such, stores decide this on an individual basis. This means some locations will be happy to invite well-behaved, leashed dogs inside. Others will turn dogs away. Contact your local Macy’s to learn more about their pet policy.

19. Marshalls: Most Stores Allow Dogs

Marshalls is owned by the same company as T.J. Maxx and thus has a similar pet policy. Many Marshalls stores do allow dogs inside, but it is ultimately up to each store to decide about pets in-store, so it’s best to call ahead just to make sure. If you do bring your dog to a Marshalls, be sure they are leashed and well-behaved.

20. Michaels: All Stores Allow Dogs

Michaels’ policy on dogs is not readily available online. So, we spoke with a customer service agent and learned that Michaels stores do allow dogs. However, they said that dogs must be leashed and cannot be taken into any areas with food.

21. Nordstrom: Some Stores Allow Dogs

When it comes to allowing pets in stores, Nordstrom does not have any overarching policy. Therefore, some stores may be okay with you bringing your dog inside, whereas others will turn your dog away. If you want to bring your dog to a Nordstrom store, you’ll have to call ahead to make sure it’s okay first.

22. Old Navy: Some Stores Allow Dogs

Much like their sister store GAP, some Old Navy locations are part of malls and thus would have to follow the building’s rules and could not allow dogs. However, that doesn’t mean all Old Navy stores will turn away your pooch. Some may have entrances that aren’t part of the mall or may be part of pet-friendly malls. If you want to know if your local Old Navy is dog-friendly or not, give them a ring.

23. Petco: All Stores Allow Dogs

Being a pet store, all of Petco’s locations are dog-friendly. However, dogs must be on a leash. In fact, Petco’s pet policy doesn’t just apply to dogs. They allow just about any animal into their store as long as it is leashed. In 2019, they were even visited by an Ankole-Watusi!

24. PetSmart: All Stores Allow Dogs

Being a pet store, it’s no surprise that PetSmart allows dogs into their stores. However, there are some rules that you have to abide by if you want to take your dog to PetSmart with you. Your dog must be vaccinated and must be kept secured on a leash for the duration of your visit.
small white dog in a green shopping basket

25. Pet Supplies Plus: All Stores Allow Dogs

As with the other pet stores on our list, Pet Supplies Plus allows dogs in their stores. Like most stores, your pup will need to be on a leash for the duration of your visit.

26. Pottery Barn: Some Stores Allow Dogs

Pottery Barn stores are often inside malls or shopping strips, which means they may have to follow the rules of the buildings they are in. This is why only some Pottery Barn locations are pet-friendly. If you want to take your pup into Pottery Barn with you, you’ll want to call ahead to make sure it’s okay first.

27. Ross: All Stores Allow Dogs

Though it’s difficult to find Ross’s pet policy online, they do allow dogs in their stores. We spoke with a customer service representative who stated that Ross stores welcome leashed pets.

28. Sephora: Some Stores Allow Dogs

Many Sephoras are inside department stores or malls. Therefore, they have to follow the rules of the buildings they are in. Of course, some locations are pet-friendly stores because they are inside pet-friendly buildings, or they have an outdoor entrance to the Sephora that isn’t connected to the rest of the shopping center.

29. T.J. Maxx: Most Stores Allow Dogs

T.J. Maxx is widely known to allow dogs in its stores, but there is no official pet policy posted on the company’s website. As such, the decision to allow dogs in a store is often up to the store manager’s discretion. So, while many T.J. Maxx stores do allow dogs, there will be some that don’t. Be sure to call your local T.J. Maxx to find out if your dog is welcome.

30. Tractor Supply Co.: All Stores Allow Dogs

Tractor Supply Co. is one of our few non-pet stores that allow dogs at all locations. They only require that pets be friendly and leashed. In fact, their pet policy is so lenient that they’ll welcome just about any animal into the store as long as it is friendly and leashed. In 2019, they shared a photo on their Facebook page of a man visiting with his cow!

31. Victoria’s Secret: Some Stores Allow Dogs

Though many articles online will tell you that all Victoria’s Secret locations allow dogs, this may not be the case. We spoke to a customer service representative who told us that most Victoria’s Secret stores follow the rules of the buildings they are located in.

Since the majority of stores are within malls, policies will vary. Some malls may allow dogs, whereas many do not. You’ll have to call your local Victoria’s Secret to find out if your pup can accompany you inside or not.

32. Warby Parker: Most Stores Allow Dogs

Warby Parker has somewhat of a reputation for being a dog-friendly store and has even shared photos of dogs in their locations on social media. However, not all Warby Parker stores can allow dogs inside. Many Warby Parker locations are inside malls or shopping centers; as such, they must abide by the rules of those shopping centers.

Stores That Don’t Allow Dogs

We’ve often thought that dogs are not allowed to join us shopping anywhere except for pet stores, but our previous list has shown us that many stores actually will allow dogs, though you may have to call ahead to be certain.

However, there are some businesses that have stricter policies. Rather than allowing each location to determine its own pet policy, they simply don’t allow dogs. This is true for almost all grocery stores because of hygiene and food safety concerns. Here is a list of some major retailers that are not dog-friendly stores (except for service dogs).

  • BJ’s Wholesale Club
  • Costco
  • Festival Foods – Does not allow dogs inside, but some locations have kennels to keep dogs safe out of hot cars while customers shop
  • IKEA
  • Meijer
  • Menards
  • Sam’s Club
  • Target
  • Trader Joes
  • Walgreens
  • Walmart
  • Whole Foods

Other Pet-Friendly Places

After reading our list, you can see that there are a number of places you can take your dog shopping. However, shopping isn’t the only activity you can do with your dog. There are a number of business types that are often pet-friendly, which we will list here.

  • Breweries
  • Vineyards/wineries
  • Restaurant or cafe patios
  • Farmer’s markets
  • Outdoor malls
  • Outdoor museums
  • Ice cream shops (especially with outdoor seating)
  • Baseball stadiums
  • Art galleries (especially outdoor)

Maybe You Don’t Have to Leave Fido in the Car

Chihuahua in sunglasses next to shopping bags

We’ve all been caught in situations before where we’ve got our pup in the car, but we’d like to stop at a certain store because it’s on our way home. It’s such a hassle to have to go all the way home and come back, but we’re worried about leaving our dog in the car.

However, what we may not have known is that the store we thought we couldn’t bring our dog into is actually pet-friendly, and a surprising number of stores allow friendly, leashed dogs inside. This is because many chain companies do not create an overarching pet policy and leave the decision up to each store.

For this reason, it’s always a good idea to call the store (even from the parking lot) to make sure it’s okay to bring your dog inside. Still, you might be surprised by the answer! The only stores that tend to have strict no-dog policies are those that sell groceries because there are laws and regulations regarding food safety that prohibit entry to animals.