US Service Animals – Service Dog for Seizures | How To Get One & How They Can Help

Certain medical issues can inhibit a person’s life and make it difficult to live a normal lifestyle. Service animals can be a great asset to these individuals because they can intervene and create a support/health system for their owner. Individuals who suffer from seizures can feel at ease with a service animal because they have a second line of defense that has their best interest in mind.

What Is the Price?

The price for a seizure support dog can range from $15,000 – $30,000. Sometimes this price can even get as high as $50,000. The price greatly depends on what breed of dog is being used and how extensive the training it will receive will be.

The main problem with obtaining one of these dogs is that health insurance companies will not cover the cost. There are some service dog training facilities that will offer the animal for no cost, but the wait list for this is very long.

You can also train a service dog yourself through our online course, which significantly reduces the costs and allows you to skip any waitlists.

What Are These Animals Trained to Do?

Seizure alert dogs can be life-saving animals because they help their owner detect when a seizure is going to occur. There is nothing worse than living with epilepsy and never knowing when your disaster might strike. What is really cool about these animals is that they are able to detect the onset of seizure sometimes even hours before it is going to occur. The way they do this is by noticing a change in the owner’s behavior or scent. It is amazing that an animal is able to detect something that even humans aren’t able to quite identify.

You can consider a service dog as a type of life-alert. They may not always be able to detect the onset of a seizure, but they can always be there to immediately respond when one does occur. The seizure alert dog can help retrieve a phone or stimulate the individual when having a seizure, or even go get someone for help. As the person is recovering from their seizure the animal can help retrieve medication or food, offer comfort, or be used as assistance to help the individual get back up.

Where Can I Get a Seizure Alert Dog?

Of all the service dog companies in the United States only about 20 offer seizure alert dogs. It can be a tricky process to obtain one, but once you have one you will regain some of your freedom. Imagine not having to be afraid of leaving the house anymore because you aren’t sure if you might have an episode.

The Bottom Line

It is possible to obtain a service dog to help you manage your seizures. Although the price may hinder you from jumping on this opportunity there is the chance that you could get a dog for little to no cost by joining an agency wait list. The support and companionship of having one of these animals is second to none. Experiencing a seizure is a scary thing all on its own, but not knowing if you are going to have someone around to help you is even scarier. These animals can give you the peace of mind in knowing that even if you experience an episode, you won’t be alone. There will be someone with you always waiting to jump in and help.