Emotional Support Animal Laws in Oregon

The process of getting an emotional support animal in Oregon is very much the same as getting one in other states in the United States, however, there are a few minor differences you need to remember. Including that an emotional support animal is not classed the same as a service animal which means it does not have as many rights as a service animal. This is because an emotional support animal does not have any formal training, unlike a service animal.

An emotional support animal helps someone who has a mental health problem. From anxiety and depression to post-traumatic stress disorder, a furry friend can help many people with their everyday life. They help to give comfort and security to someone suffering from a mental health disability. There are a number of laws to help protect emotional support animals and help their owners live their life barrier-free.

Travel Laws

Under the Air Carrier Access Act, emotional support animals are allowed on airplanes, with any airline in the US and this is the case for Oregon. The Air Carrier Access Act states that it is illegal to deny an emotional support animal. As long as you provide the right documentation (ESA letter), an airline cannot ask any further questions, add any additional travel fees for the animal or deny entry.

A letter is needed for verification of the owner’s mental health disability and the need for an emotional support animal. An ESA from US Service Animals will be written and signed by one of our mental health professionals and will state the animal is an emotional support animal. It will also diagnose the owner and explain their mental health condition and how the animal will provide emotional support. By having this ESA letter which is easy and simple to obtain from us at US Service Animals, you shouldn’t have any trouble when flying with your emotional support animal.

Employment Laws

Unfortunately, emotional support animals are not protected under any law for employment in Oregon. A service animal has almost no restrictions in regards to employment and most public places, in fact, it is illegal to deny access to someone with a service dog. However, this is not the case for emotional support animals and thus, these laws do not protect emotional support animals.

This means your emotional support animal does not have the legal right to assist you in your workplace. Employers are not obliged to grant access to your emotional support animal, by law. However, some employers may be lenient and allow an emotional support animal in the workplace. There is no harm in asking!

Housing Laws

Housing in Oregon with an emotional support animal is protected under the Fair Housing Act. It doesn’t matter where you live, your emotional support animal can live with you. This is because the Fair Housing Act supports the equal opportunity to accommodation for all and doesn’t discriminate against anyone with an emotional support animal. This includes accommodation that has a no-pet policy. Landlords cannot deny access to an emotional support animal or charge extra for having an emotional support animal in the property. However, they do have the right to deny you access if your emotional support animal is disruptive, noisy and causes damage.

An emotional support animal is also allowed on university campus housing so that your emotional support animal can support you with your studies. Under the Fair Housing Act, all university on-campus housing is covered meaning all universities must accommodate for you and your emotional support animal in Oregon. However, emotional support animals aren’t allowed in other parts of the University including academic buildings.

Just like air travel, you may get asked to show proof and verification of having an emotional support animal. Register with us today at US Service Animals to get your ESA letter to provide you with access to air travel and fair housing.

ESA Letter

Registering your emotional support animal and getting your ESA letter couldn’t be easier with US Service Animals. Call today or schedule a call with one of our mental health professionals to talk about your situation and see if you qualify. If you do, you will be sent your ESA letter via email to print and use when needed. Whether you have a trip planned or not, it is useful to have a letter on file.