girl hospital hugs dog

The 14 Best Therapy Dog Breeds

Dogs and humans have an undeniably special connection. Their soft fur, wagging tails, and adorable faces are certain to lift our spirits. Not to mention, some dogs seem to be empathetic, showing us extra love or attention whenever we’re feeling down. These qualities make dogs the perfect candidates to visit people who could use a […]

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Collie with its paw on its nose against black background

The Worst Dog Breeds for Autism and 7 Great Alternatives

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is an invisible disorder that affects around 1% of the population. It is often characterized by difficulties with social communication and is usually diagnosed during early childhood. Because those with autism struggle to communicate in the same way as others, they are often misunderstood. This can lead to difficulties in forming […]

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Boy lays next to yellow Labrador on bed

The 14 Best Dog Breeds for Children or Adults with Autism

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is an invisible disorder that affects around 1% of the population. While some people with autism may not appear to struggle, it doesn’t mean they don’t. Furthermore, because autism is a spectrum, there are some people who are affected by it far more severely than others. While autism cannot be cured, […]

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Jack Russell sleeps on woman’s lap

The 7 Best Dog Breeds for Dealing With Depression

Depression is often a daily struggle, and there are many different types of treatments, such as therapy and medication. Believe it or not, owning a dog can also be beneficial for those who suffer from depression. Though a dog cannot magically cure one’s depression, it can help one cope with it. Dogs provide comfort through […]

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woman smiles pressing her face against golden retriever

The 10 Best Dog Breeds for Anxiety

Everyone feels anxiety at one point or another in their life, but for some, anxiety is like an invisible, debilitating disease. It keeps people from maintaining relationships, pursuing careers, traveling, and so much more. Though there is no cure for anxiety, many treatments help one cope with and manage it. One such treatment is the […]

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German shepherd running outside

German Shepherd Training: Tips, Tricks & Timelines

German shepherds are the 3rd most popular breed in the US for a reason: they are loyal, courageous, and extremely intelligent. They make phenomenal family companions, and they’re also renowned for being the perfect working dog – they excel at virtually any task thrown at them, whether agility, tracking, or intensive police work. If you’re […]

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What’s a Sheepadoodle? Breed Overview

Finding the right dog that fits your lifestyle, allergy needs (if applicable), and personality can be difficult, especially when searching for one that will also be a good Emotional Support Animal (ESA). Looking for a great ESA that combines the allergy-friendly coat of a poodle with the calm, sweet temperament of a sheepdog? Then the […]

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Swedish Lapphund Breed Overview

If you are interested in a Swedish Lapphund, then it can be helpful to know exactly what they are like and how to care for them before bringing one into your home. By properly preparing yourself, you can decide if it is the right breed of dog for you and make an informed decision. Swedish […]

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American Bandogge Mastiff Breed Overview

When it comes to finding the right guard dog that will be fiercely loyal to you and gentle with your children, the search can be difficult, especially when looking for a companion that will also double as a good Emotional Support Animal (ESA). Looking for a breed that combines the protective personality of a Bulldog […]

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The Spanish Mastiff Breed: Perfect Pet or Great Livestock Guardian?

They are your companion, best friend, and source of unconditional love. Your choice of them should depend on specific traits that will fit your lifestyle. This is true if you are looking for an excellent, large, athletic and robust guard dog that’s protective of its own, and good with children. If you are looking for […]

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