US Service Animals – Delta Airlines Pet Policy 2022

You never know when you will need to get out of town either on the road or by plane.

Air travel continues to be a popular and quick way to get around the world. And with more and more airlines accommodating animals, it’s getting easier to bring your favorite animal friend along with you.

Each airline has its own set of policies and perks when it comes to traveling with animals. Let’s take a look at the guidelines for Delta Airlines.

Delta offers multiple options for traveling with your pet. Depending on its size, your animal can fly in the cabin with you or as cargo with the Delta Cargo program. However, every year Delta prohibits animals from flying as cargo during the summer from May 15 to September 15.

The cost for Delta Cargo depends on the size of your pet and destination, and there are also restrictions on the type and size of kennels allowed on the flight.

In Cabin Travel

For in-cabin travel, Delta accepts dogs, cats, and birds at a cost of $125 each way on domestic flights $200 each way for international flights. Animals are not allowed in the Delta One, Business Class, or First Class sections of any international flight, even if it is a US segment of the trip.

Animals must be kept in their carriers at all times, and these must fit comfortably underneath the seat in front of you without protruding or spilling into another’s space.

Since Delta has a variety of different airplanes in their fleet, the size of the space allotted can be different. Delta representatives can give you that information when booking your flight. Reservations for pets are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis until the maximum number of pets is reached.

Up to two animals can fly in each First Class and Delta One section, and up to four animals are allowed in the main cabin of the plane.

Service Animals

If your pet is a working service animal, the restrictions lessen a little.

Delta welcomes service animals on their flights with the proper documentation and planning. They do require documentation to be uploaded to their site at least 48 hours prior to departure. US Service Animals can help you prepare this documentation and help you understand everything you need to know related to traveling with pets.

They make it their business to assist you so you can have a smooth trip. Just keep in mind that emotional support animals are not covered under the changed policy for service animals.