US Service Animals – Register Your Emotional Support Animal or Service Animal Easily

Ever since getting out of the military, Shawn has struggled with significant hearing impairment. His wife suggested getting a service animal to help. The service dog will allow him to overcome his disability by alerting him to dangers he can’t hear himself.

Leah suffers from severe situational anxiety disorder and her therapist suggested that she get an emotional support animal to help her feel more comfortable at home and while flying. Most of us have seen animals wearing vests to indicate they are more than just a pet. But what is a service dog? or an emotional support animal and what rights have provided them under the law. A service animal is a dog that has been specially trained to perform a specific function for a person who has a disability such as blindness, hearing impairment, seizures and more.

An emotional support animal is any animal whose presence helps alleviate a symptom of a person diagnosed with a mental or emotional ailment. The animal does not need any special training, although you do need a doctor’s note to establish rights under the laws. Leah discovered that having an emotional support animal offers her certain legal protection, for example: she is allowed to live with her animal regardless of her landlord’s pet policy. The landlord can’t charge pet deposits or pet rent either, plus they are allowed to fly inside the cabin of a plane for free.

Shawn can bring his service animal anywhere that the general public is allowed to go, such as businesses and public establishments. Service animals are automatically covered under the ADA law and does not require a registration or doctor note under most circumstances.

Leah decides to register her emotional support animal on and gets a doctor’s note from one of the doctors in their network. With the doctor letter, her animal is now protected under the law as a support animal. Their trained support staff is knowledgeable of the laws and can guide you in the right direction.

Register Your ESA Now!

You normally don’t need anything for your service animal, but they can introduce you to a doctor in their network to see if you qualify for an emotional support animal. This introduction is free, if the rights of a registered user are ever violated, US Support Animals has a staff of attorneys who will get involved and help.

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