small puppy being trained

The Easiest Dogs to Train for a Well-Behaved Pup

Choosing a dog to adopt can be a difficult process. You want to make sure that you pick a dog breed that suits your lifestyle and will easily adapt to any training you need to give to them. When selecting a dog breed to adopt, you may want to keep in mind some of the […]

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dachshund puppy lays on leaves

Everything You Need to Know About Dachshund Training

Dachshund, wiener dog, doxie—these long-bodied pups go by a number of different monikers. They’re small in stature but have a big bark. It’s hard not to be drawn to this breed due to its adorably long snout, button nose, and unique body shape. If you’re interested in owning a doxie or have already brought one […]

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golden retriever sitting in the woods

10 Tips for Golden Retriever Training

Golden retrievers are great dogs and make great companions. This breed is full of energy, love, and excitement. Plus, many people love the way golden retrievers look with their golden coats of fur and floppy ears. That said, golden retrievers are also known for being rowdy and rambunctious. For this reason, it’s important to train […]

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akita inu puppy on pee-stained rug

How Long Does it Take to Potty Train a Puppy?

Puppies are adorable and precious, and their time as wee little creatures is very short. As much as we want to cherish their puppy stage, we simultaneously can’t wait until they have more control over their bladders. Until they do, we’re constantly taking them outside, sometimes even in the middle of the night! Not only […]

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a german shepherd puppy sits in front of its owner

Everything You Need to Know About Dog Obedience Training

Obedience training is necessary for any puppy to become a well-mannered adult dog, but it’s especially important if you’re hoping your pup can become a service dog. Service dogs are taken into many different settings where companion dogs aren’t allowed, so it’s vital that they are well-behaved and obedient. Obedience training doesn’t happen overnight, though. […]

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man holding a young puppy

Top Tips for Your Puppy’s First Night Home

Bringing home your new puppy can be a mix of excitement and stress as you work to ensure your furry friend is as comfortable and settled in your home as possible. The first night that your puppy spends with you is vital in forming good training habits and a healthy bond between you both. We […]

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How to Convince Your Landlord to Allow a Dog Into Your Home

For time immemorial, dogs have been our furry companions. In most countries around the world, dogs are as much a part of the family as our siblings, parents, and children. But while we would love to bring them with us wherever we go, there are laws abide that dictate whether we can cohabitate with our […]

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How Long Do Dogs Live?

Dogs are arguably the greatest animals on our planet. They have a long history of being companions to mankind as we continue to establish our presence on this spinning rock we call home. Throughout history, dogs and humans have evolved together to take on new challenges and improve our quality of life. Whether dogs are […]

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Can Dogs Eat Grapes?

From salads to snacks, you can find grapes anywhere, and so can your dog! Since grapes are a common treat in every household, everyone wonders from time to time if it’s okay to simply toss their pooch a nice cold one. But are they really safe for dogs to eat? In a simple answer: no, absolutely […]

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Can Dogs Eat Pineapple?

There are many human foods that dogs can tolerate and even thrive with as an occasional treat. Did you know this can include apples, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, and, surprisingly, pineapple? This tropical treat is packed full of nutrients and fiber that they need, and be quite refreshing, even when frozen, during the summer for […]

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