2023 Christmas Gift Guide for Your Furry Friends

Gift giving is popular around Christmas time, and there’s no better way to celebrate the holiday season than by including every member of your family on your gift list – including your furry friends.

Our Christmas gift guide for your pets helps you get inspiration for what to give your pets this holiday season, helping to make their lives a little more fun and celebrating how special your pets are in your life.

Top Ten Pet Products for Christmas

These top nine pet products make great Christmas gifts for the furry friends in your life.

1. Blueberry Pets Christmas Collection

three dogs and two cats in matching holiday sweaters
Image Source: https://www.blueberrypet.com









The Christmas collection from Blueberry Pets holds a great number of fun gifts that your pet will love. Both dog and cat items are available from Blueberry Pets, and you can choose from a variety of festive patterns and colors.

Among our favorites is the Holiday Family Matching Sweater, a wintery red sweater, scarf, and hat set that allows you to match your outfit with your favorite feline or canine companion.

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Offer Ends: 12/24/23

2. BasePaws for Dogs or Cats

product package for basepaws cat dna test
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BasePaws is one of the foremost DNA tests for both cats and dogs, and these DNA tests help owners unlock mysteries about their pet’s health and genetics. You can learn more about your pet’s breed and any illnesses they might be predisposed to, and BasePaws provides easy-to-understand results that help you learn as much as you can about your pet.

With the essential health and genetic information BasePaws provides, you can ensure your pet remains happy and healthy for as long as possible.

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Offer Ends: 12/27/23

3. Bully Beds

dog laying in bully bed dog bed
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Bully Beds are designed to make things more comfortable for older and larger breed dogs, and these beds make a perfect Christmas gift for the larger canine companion in your life.

High-quality materials and supportive foam are combined to create these beds, and they offer a restful place for your large dog to relax in between their walks and time spent at your side.

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4. A Pup Above

dog by box of a pup above pet food
Image Source: https://apupabove.com/












A Pup Above creates nutritious, high-quality, human food-grade meals that are sure to please your pup. These recipes created by A Pup Above are curated to be flavorful and wholesome, allowing your dog to get the benefits of superfoods and high protein on the daily.

Gifting your canine companion a selection of A Pup Above foods is the perfect way to spoil them this holiday season.

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5. SpotOn GPS Fence

spoton gps tracking collar with cell with spoton app
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Keeping your dog contained by a fence might be difficult, especially if you have lots of land and a curious pup that wants to explore.

The SpotOn GPS Fence is a wireless solution to your fencing problems, and this GPS collar can be controlled from your smartphone – set boundaries, check on your dog’s location, and allow your pup to roam free to their heart’s content.

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6. Raised Right Pet Food

package of raised right meat bites dog treats
Image Source: https://www.raisedrightpets.com/












Raised Right Pet Food specializes in both dog and cat food created with high-quality, traceable ingredients. Every recipe that this brand uses is available on their website, so you won’t need to worry about figuring out what goes into your pet’s dinner.

Nutritious food from Raised Right is a great way to show your pets you care about them this Christmas.

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7. Pet Sensitivity Tests

package for my pet sensitivity cat screen test
Image Source: https://gb.mypetsensitivity.com/










Putting your pet’s health first is always a good idea, and My Pet Sensitivity offers pet sensitivity tests for both dogs and cats. These tests will help you determine any sensitivities to foods or non-food items that your pets have, helping you understand their needs more accurately.

If your dog or cat is showing signs of intolerance or allergies, these tests help you narrow down the cause and make your pet more comfortable in the future.

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8. Link Smart Dog Collar

three cell phones with link tracker and app
Image Source: https://www.linkmypet.com/












The Link Smart Dog Collar is a GPS tracking collar that keeps your dog’s location while tracking health and exercise goals.

This GPS collar is connected to an app you can keep on your smartphone for convenience, and you can always monitor your dog’s location for free with Link’s service. Plus, the adventures option on your tracker allows you to capture photos from your trips around with your pup.

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9. Back 40 Nutrition

jar of back 40 dog nutritional supplement made from kelp
Image Source: https://back40dogs.com/










Back 40 Nutrition creates supplements that work for dogs who put their skills to the test and work every day. These supplements are designed to be added to your dog’s food and help boost their nutrition and longevity. If you have an active pup, these supplements are a great Christmas gift to ensure they live their healthiest life.

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Make Your Pet’s Christmas

Christmas is one of the most cozy times of the year, and this holiday season can be celebrated with gift-giving for both your loved ones and your most beloved pets.

Keep in mind the options on our list if you want to spoil your cat or dog throughout the holidays with thoughtful gifts that keep their comfort and health in mind.