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Nov 23, 2018 By USSA

Service Dog For POTS

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome is a disorder that makes it difficult for blood levels to be properly regulated. Imagine laying down and then sitting up only for your blood levels to stay off balance. This disorder can cause individuals to feel dizzy, faint, shaky, or even suffer from blurred vision.

This disorder is not widely known, but those that are affected reap major disadvantages in their daily lives. A service dog can help those suffering from POTS restore some normalcy in their lives. They have the reassurance of knowing that someone is always looking out for their best interest or able to help if need be.

Individuals with POTS can faint for what seems like no apparent reason just by standing up. This can be extremely scary because it can happen randomly. Having random fainting spells isn’t exactly ideal for anyone, but imagine trying to be independent and having the burden of knowing that you may pass out and no one is there to help.

What You Need To Qualify

In all cases, in order to qualify for a service animal, you will need to get approval from a physician. The physician will need to verify if you have POTS and how severe it is. Generally, service dogs are used when a condition severely impacts a persons well being. Once you obtain qualification from a physician, you will be able to get a trained service dog. Unfortunately, service animals can be very expensive so it is important to strongly consider if getting one is a good option for you. 

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How A Service Dog Can Help

A service dog is able to offer protection, love, and security. These are things so many of us overlook in our everyday lives. Service dogs can be trained to notice when their owner may be experiencing a fainting spell. The dogs can bark to alert you so you know that one is near and you may possibly sit down to regain composure.

Fainting is one of the extreme symptoms, but battling feelings of dizziness or disorientation are also very common. A service dog can help an individual regain balance and feel stabilized when walking. Many individuals tend to suffer from sudden changes in peripheral vision, the service dog can act as a second set of eyes to ensure security. Simple tasks can cause individuals with POTS to suffer greatly. Simply bending down to pick up a dropped item can cause a dizzy spell. A service dog could greatly help with this by retrieving these items.

Individuals who suffer from any type of disorders have barriers that they have to overcome. A lot of people tend to battle with themselves and suffer from guilt and depression. A service animal can help that person have someone else to ALWAYS count on. Love and affection are great for our souls.

Service dogs for POTS are very specialized and this causes them to be significantly more expensive than other service dogs. It is also more difficult for someone to obtain a POTS service dog because it is not a necessity in their lives, but rather an asset. No matter the case, animals can help anyone feel a little more special and independent. A service dog that is trained to help with a serious condition is even more special. No one should have to put a price tag on their independence.

There are significant benefits to having a service dog if you suffer from POTS. If you are looking for a way to feel a bit more independent, a service dog is a major component. The opportunities are endless and each individual has different needs and expectations. The great thing is that service animals can be trained for many things no matter how big or small.