a Corgi standing on a skateboard

Corgi Training for Beginners

Whether you plan on competing at the Westminster Dog Show or simply dream of having a four-legged best friend, you’re going to have to train your dog. You might think the Pembroke Welsh corgi is innately proper—it is, after all, the dog breed of choice of the Queen of England—but that isn’t the case. If […]

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puppy biting leash resisting walk

Dealing With a Stubborn Pup: The Top 10 Hardest Dogs to Train

Some pups love nothing more than pleasing their owner. They’ll be patient, listen and follow commands even without the bribery of treats. Others, however, seem to love anything but pleasing their pup parent. Instead, their main goal is to please themselves; they treat the couch as their throne, refuse to come when called unless offered […]

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an obedient rottweiler

Rottweiler Training

It’s a complete myth that a Rottweiler can’t be trained as a regular household dog or that they are dangerous by nature. If they respect their owner and are well-trained, they are incredibly loyal, protective, and obedient dogs who are – as I’m sure you already know – absolutely gorgeous. So we’re here in this […]

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Miniature Bull Terrier Breed Overview

The Miniature Bull Terrier is a vibrant, playful breed that is entertaining and loving. Although they require some care, they are relatively easy to handle and can make life more enjoyable each day. As such, they often make for excellent emotional support animals. Emotional support animals have continued to rise in popularity in the past […]

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Hovawart Breed Overview

The Hovawart is a German dog breed that has a long and storied history. In centuries past, the Hovawart was considered one of the “Five Noble Breeds,” and was celebrated for its ability to guard homesteads. While the breed never gained worldwide popularity like other German breeds (like the German Shepherd or the Great Dane), […]

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Spinone Italiano Breed Overview

The Spinone Italiano is a classic dog breed that may be relatively unknown to the average dog owner. Nonetheless, this Italian dog breed has a long history and has served as a loyal companion and servant to European royalty throughout the years. Today, the Spinone Italiano is still used as a professional or recreational gun […]

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Biewer Terrier Breed Overview

The Biewer Terrier is a relatively new and rare German breed of terrier. This breed did not become recognized until the 20th century, so its history is relatively short. Additionally, there aren’t that many Biewer Terriers out there today, so intentional breeding efforts are necessary to keep the breed alive. In any case, this peculiar […]

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irish red white dog

An Overview of the Irish Red and White Setter Breed

When trying to select a dog to act as their emotional support animal (ESA), people often find the entire search and process to be somewhat taxing and difficult. After all, how can you know what breed of dog will be most compatible with your personality, interests, disabilities, and general lifestyle? It can even be tempting […]

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French Spaniel

French Spaniel Breed Overview

Finding the right dog that has a brilliant, lovable personality and fits your way of life can often be hard to do, especially when looking for a breed that will work well as an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) too. Just starting your search? Looking for something easy to train and incredibly loyal? Then the French […]

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