German shepherd running outside

German Shepherd Training: Tips, Tricks & Timelines

German shepherds are the 3rd most popular breed in the US for a reason: they are loyal, courageous, and extremely intelligent. They make phenomenal family companions, and they’re also renowned for being the perfect working dog – they excel at virtually any task thrown at them, whether agility, tracking, or intensive police work. If you’re […]

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What’s a Sheepadoodle? Breed Overview

Finding the right dog that fits your lifestyle, allergy needs (if applicable), and personality can be difficult, especially when searching for one that will also be a good Emotional Support Animal (ESA). Looking for a great ESA that combines the allergy-friendly coat of a poodle with the calm, sweet temperament of a sheepdog? Then the […]

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Swedish Lapphund Breed Overview

If you are interested in a Swedish Lapphund, then it can be helpful to know exactly what they are like and how to care for them before bringing one into your home. By properly preparing yourself, you can decide if it is the right breed of dog for you and make an informed decision. Swedish […]

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American Bandogge Mastiff Breed Overview

When it comes to finding the right guard dog that will be fiercely loyal to you and gentle with your children, the search can be difficult, especially when looking for a companion that will also double as a good Emotional Support Animal (ESA). Looking for a breed that combines the protective personality of a Bulldog […]

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fluffy brown Labradoodle

Labradoodle Training

Is it a Labrador? Is it a Poodle? Could this article have started any other way? This and other such questions will vanish as you look into the adorable, heart-melting eyes of your new Labradoodle and their distinctive fluffy coat and sprightly body. If you’re the new proud parent of a Labradoodle and want some […]

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Border Collie laying grass

Border Collie Training: Tips and Tricks

Border collies are a popular breed of dog due to their beautiful black and white coat and high levels of intelligence. Originally, the breed comes from Scotland, where they were working dogs used for shepherding flocks of sheep. The name “collie” even comes from the word in the native Scottish language, meaning “sheepdog.” You may […]

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a Corgi standing on a skateboard

Corgi Training for Beginners

Whether you plan on competing at the Westminster Dog Show or simply dream of having a four-legged best friend, you’re going to have to train your dog. You might think the Pembroke Welsh corgi is innately proper—it is, after all, the dog breed of choice of the Queen of England—but that isn’t the case. If […]

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puppy biting leash resisting walk

Dealing With a Stubborn Pup: The Top 10 Hardest Dogs to Train

Some pups love nothing more than pleasing their owner. They’ll be patient, listen and follow commands even without the bribery of treats. Others, however, seem to love anything but pleasing their pup parent. Instead, their main goal is to please themselves; they treat the couch as their throne, refuse to come when called unless offered […]

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