Best Dog DNA Tests | Find Out Your Dogs Genetic History

Mar 6, 2019 By USSA

Best Dog DNA Tests

Many dog owners want to test their dogs DNA. There are numerous reasons for carrying out a DNA test with the main outcome providing information on dogs breed, ancestry history, and any potential health risks. The tests help owners discover their dog's full breed composition, with a percentage of each breed in your dog (if it is a mix), unique personality traits that you can expect from your dog, any genetic health concerns that are common amongst that particular breed and much more.

Carrying out a DNA test helps owners learn more about their dog will allow them to confirm the breeds in their dog if they are unsure. This is common with adopted dogs or if an owner is simply curious if their dog’s ancestry was once mixed with another breed. By having confirmation of a dogs breed, owners are able to understand, in more detail about their dog and its personality traits and behaviors. DNA tests are also very popular with owners who want to be pro-active about the health and wellness of their dog. The tests will provide information on any health concerns that need to be looked out for that are hereditary. By learning about this information, owners can make the right decisions on their dogs' lifestyle and learn more about any disease or problems they may be prone to.

As with most products on the market, dogs DNA tests are very popular and there are many different versions from different competing companies. They all offer a DNA testing kit which can be used at home safe and easy to test your dogs DNA. By simply swabbing your dog's mouth with the cotton swab that is in the kit, activating your account online and sending the kit back to the lab in the pre-paid shipping container, the test is complete in 3 simple steps.

Once samples are sent to the lab, results are available as soon as possible with most companies being able to complete a genetic analysis in 2 weeks. The DNA is tested and ran alongside the database of information on different dog breeds. When complete, a report about your dog will be produced with information about the dogs breed, ancestry information, possible health risks and more.

Here are 4 of the best dog DNA tests available on the market now for purchase which all offer you the chance to test your own dogs DNA from the comfort of your home.

Wisdom Panel 3.0 Breed Identification Dog DNA Test Kit 

The Wisdom Panel 3.0 DNA test kit is a breed ancestry testing kit and is simple to use, in just 3 steps and provides analysis in just 2 weeks. At $72, this is middle of the range kit which allows you to create an online account to access your information. As the leading canine genetics company, Wisdom Panel is top quality and have the largest and most comprehensive breed database in the world.

Embark Dog DNA Test Kit

This dog DNA test kit from Embark offers high-quality scientific testing to provide owners with key information about their dog. For $189, customers receive a box that can be sent back via mail and receive crucial information about their dogs' breed and history. The company is also partnered with  Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine to help contribute to better dog health.

Dog DNA - Canine Breed Identification Test 

The canine breed identification test from Dog DNA is ideal for customers not wanting to spend much on a DNA test but still want crucial information about their dog. This test allows you to take a simple cheek swab of your dog and send off for analysis. Results give key information on your dog as well as a custom photo certificate of your dog's breed composition. For just $39.99, this at home DNA test is a bargain and a must-buy for all dog owners!

DNA My Dog - Canine Breed Identification Test Kit

DNA My Dog is another company providing an at-home DNA test. With results in just 2 weeks giving information on the breed, personality traits and much more, this is a perfect kit for those not wanting too much money on a DNA test. For just under $70, this is a great purchase for all dog owners.